10 Services a Good wedding Planner Should Provide

Taking the vows of love in a beautiful destination away from your home can be a dream-come-true experience for many. The challenge is to arrange everything you desire within a realistic budget, time, and location. Destination weddings can be hectic and cumbersome if the wedding planner offers you limited services and charges sky high prices. We have made this process of marriage planning a bit easier by enlisting ten services that should be offered by the wedding planner you hire.

1. Taking the onus of the full event: You should ensure that the wedding planner doesn’t work in bits and pieces. They should take care of everything surrounding the wedding, from the beginning until the end.

2. Personal scouting options: This is an essential feature especially for the ones who are planning a destination wedding. The wedding planner must provide scouting services that involve presenting different venues and locals aligned to the taste and needs of the couple. The couple should be provided an itinerary and taken to their desired venue escorted by the coordinators.

3. Flexibility to select appropriate vendors: Based on the requirements and budgetary constraints of the clients, the weddings planner should help them every step of the way to offer them suitable vendors who would ensure value for their money.

4. Taking care of after-party dismantling: After setting up everything, dismantling all the arrangements can be really straining. A good wedding planner will never leave this part unattended.

5. Arranging the guest transportation: A Destination wedding demands taking care of the transit facilities of the clients and their guests. You should check if the wedding planner makes the promise of taking good care of your guests.

6. Special care of the bride: The bride and the groom are the cynosure of the event. Therefore, it is important to take special care of both of them, especially the bride. Check if the wedding planner provides personal assistance to the bride from the beginning of the event until the last minute.

7. Organizing the legal ceremony: In a destination wedding, the clients are expected to be from a different country or state. It is therefore important that the wedding planner helps them every step of the way so that they adhere to the legal proceedings.

8. Organizing other religious ceremonies: Different caste and creed comes with different culture and norms. It is important that the religious or spiritual rituals are also taken care of by the wedding planner.

9. RSVP services: All you need to do is handing over the list of the guests along with their contact details. The wedding planner will do the rest.

10. Special rates for special arrangements: The clients should be given the flexibility to choose the special rates for special organization requests.

Besides, there are other events like the organization of the bridal party, rehearsal dinners and setting up the overall timing that should be offered by the wedding planners.

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