6 Places to Visit during a Destination Wedding in San Miguel de Allende

So you’re all geared up to plan a grand destination wedding in the gorgeous San Miguel de Allende? Whether it’s your wedding or you’re arranging it for your loved one you might consider to explore the beauty of this place. Here’s your guide to 5 must-visit places in and around this city.

  1. Unmask the mysticism of The Museum of Masks

Often fabled as the “The other side of Mexico,” you can head to Guanajuato to uncover the hidden treasures of this city. This private museum has a collection of more than 500 masks that walks you through the culture and tradition of Mexico. This is considered to be the only museum that is home to an array of unique masks used by the Mexican legends.

  1. Rejuvenate in the natural hot springs

Arranging a grand wedding can be really exhausting and there can’t be a better way to relax than soaking in the wonders of natural hot springs. The La Gruta spa offers natural warm hot water with the goodness of healing elements. It not only relaxes your senses but also has therapeutic benefits of curing skin diseases and other ailments. So no matter what you do, this place should not be missed for a one-of-a-kind experience.

  1. Explore Neo-Gothic San Miguel

It is highly recommended to simply walk and explore the nook and corners of the city. Neo-Gothic San Miguel is one of the many enchanting discoveries of a city trail experience. The neo-gothic style serves as an eclectic mix of colorful and musical streetscapes surrounded by architectural marvels. Walk through the history of the San Miguel and its significance during the war of independence. Don’t forget to collect some memoirs of this city by shopping handicrafts nearby.

  1. Head to Botanical Garden El Charco del Ingenio

There’s so much to do at this spot other than just learning about rare breeds of Mexican plants and natural preserves. Located in the neighborhood of Las Colonias, this garden boasts of vast expanses of land making it an amazing place to hike.

  1. Give in to the intellectual pursuits at The Public Library

As this city is considered to be one of the most important cultural hubs of the country, it can be a refreshing change to give in to the intellectual sensibilities of this city at The Public Library. It is not only home to a wide range of English and Spanish books but also guides you about literature, theatre, movies, and art aligned to the Mexican culture and tradition.

  1. Take a tour of unusual Mexican art at The Chapel of Jimmy Ray

Mexico is a country of eccentric and bohemian art enthusiasts. The Chapel of Jimmy Ray will cater to the quirky sensibilities of those people. Rife with exclusive creations of artists like Anado McLauchlin and Anado, this hotspot is often referred to as the “road less traveled.”

Maybe these are few reasons why San Miguel de Allende is recognized as the “best city in the world” by the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine. So are you looking to plan a wedding in this amazing city? Connect with the best wedding planner San Miguel de Allende.