8 Credible Reasons to Get Married in Querétaro

A destination wedding is an idea favored by most of the couples, but only a selected few can manage to make it happen. There are a host of places to choose from, and Querétaro is one of those destination wedding locations that can be an ideal choice for those who wish to commemorate their most special day uniquely. These are the factors how:

  1. Rare mix of royalty and affordability

Get the treatment of a royal couple without paying through your nose. Querétaro exudes a regal charm with its architectural marvels speaking volumes about the glorious past of Mexico. From excellent food to breathtaking locals, Querétaro magnifies the many quirks of Mexico every couple would love to relish.

  1. Tourist’s wonderland

The couple and their kith and kin can take a stroll around the mazy lanes to unravel the whole new of world of mysticism and historical. The mansions and architectural sprawl evoke the magnificence of colonial era. For instance, take a complete walk from the pre to post historical period at The Querétaro Regional Museum. They can also hone their intellectual pursuits at the library that houses about 10,000 books. Wine and cheese tours in places like El Marques, Bernal Village, and other similar spots is also a must-try.

  1. Succulent delights

There is no dearth of eateries to cater to the gastronomical demands of the guests of Querétaro. Its famous specialty Enchiladas is a must-try.

  1. Joy, fun and seasons in the sun

Neither too hot nor too cold! Querétaro boasts of a weather ideal for marriage. The average temperature ranges between 20 to 22 degrees and the sky is mostly clear and sunny almost throughout the year. Querétaro is also ideal for honeymooning because of its fantastic weather.

  1. Easy transit and access

The family and friends of the couple can reach the wedding venue without any hassle. Good transit facilities are also one of the many reasons the couple would prefer getting married here. Querétaro International Airport is nearby, and Mexico City’s international airport is just about two hours away.

  1. Peaceful and safe

Querétaro takes care of its guests with an assurance of utmost safety and security. That is the reason it is often ranked amongst the safest places to live in Mexico.

  1.  Finest accommodations

Staying at Querétaro can be really relaxing and comfortable because it houses some of the choicest luxury hotels. As it is an eclectic mix of modernity and antiquity, there is a wide array of ultra-urban luxury accommodations as well as large edifices that emanates the colonial vibe. There are also small yet chic boutique hotels for those wishes to keep it simple.

  1. Great wedding planners

Querétaro is home to some of the best wedding planners in Mexico. They are known to host some of the most beautiful and gorgeous weddings in and around the country.

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