Why Should You Choose San Miguel de Allende as Your Wedding Destination

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale”

The saying indeed stands true when it comes to the story of Joe and Sara. Like all those commonplace love stories, theirs’ also started with stealing glances and sweet talks. But, when they finally decided to say “I do”, the couple wanted to have something different, which they would cherish for a lifetime.

As a fashion model, Sara’s intense penchant for destination wedding is quite justified. However, for Joe, an investment banker by profession, the concept was pretty new. Naturally enough, Sara’s proposal to have a destination wedding came off as a beautiful surprise for him. Since both had a vision for a colorful wedding fiesta, obviously enough San Miguel de Allende turned up as the most ideal choice.

The Charm of San Miguel de Allende

Mexican destinations are always coveted by the romantics worldwide. However the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende has an inimitable charm about it. With idyllic settings, mesmerizing weather, rich architecture of palaces and magnificent churcheslike San Miguel Arcángel Parrish, Las Monjas, La Tercera Orden, San Francisco Parrish.

This beautiful colonial city certainly sets an ideal destination for a fascinating romantic wedding, also this gorgeous city has great scenarios for beautiful photos and engagements photoshoots, one of the favorite options is “Los Lavaderos” in front of Casa Parque near Parque Juárez. But, Joe and Sara had some more reasons behind choosing San Miguel as their wedding destination.

  1. The Centralized Location

San Miguel de Allende is centrally located in Mexico, which gives it a good connectivity. Joe and Sara had friends from across the world and that’s why they were also looking for a place that offers such conveniences. Even more important was their guests who were traveling long distance, just to attend their wedding. So, it was also important to find them a comfortable accommodation. With a plethora of luxury five star hotels, San Miguel de Allende served their purpose so perfectly.

  1. The Exotic Climate

As a wedding destination, Mexico has garnered a reputation across the world. But, most of its charm is due to its pleasant weather conditions. Though a tropical weather sets in a perfect romantic mood throughout the year, summers in San Miguel are even more special, when the entire city pours out its charming poise with fresh flowers and greenery everywhere. No wonder why Joe and Sara chose to tie the knot during this season. As a part of the celebration, the couple had to walk down the streets with tequila in their hands. Throughout the parade, the path was graced by the traditional dancing Mexican puppets and Benito the burro, which made the entire celebration worth remembering.

  1. Services at the Best

Wedding is always special for a girl and so it was for Sara. That’s why she wanted everything planned and in place from the beginning. As she came across specialized wedding planners in San Miguel de Allende, they offered her affordable quotes for end-to end wedding management. From the choice of affordable venues to catering, from selecting flowers and bouquets for the bride to the floral decorations of the church for the reception, from music and entertainment to photography and videography, Joe and Sara had everything at its best in San Miguel.

Like Joe and Sara you can also wrap up your picture perfect love story with a fairy tale wedding fiesta at San Miguel. However, if you are still unsure about choosing a wedding planner, get in touch with the famous wedding and event designer Lucero Alvarez.