Crucial Things to Think About Before Planning a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are very appealing possibilities to people who are getting married soon and trying to choose their preferred locations. Many couples think seriously about planning San Miguel de Allende destination weddings, because that location in Mexico is very picturesque. If you’ve got that destination on your shortlist too, bear in mind the things below throughout the process.

Costs For Your and Your Guests

It’ll probably be more expensive to have a destination wedding than one that takes place at home, although that’s not always the case if you live in a place that has a very high cost of living. Before making your final decision about a destination wedding, figure out the approximate costs and make sure you can afford them. Furthermore, realize that there will also be extra costs for guests who have to travel from wherever they’re from to attend your nuptials. Some of the people you invite will be so excited to be there and dedicated to the relationship you and your spouse share that they have pledged to be at your wedding no matter what. However, in other cases, some people may not be able to feasibly afford the costs of traveling to a destination wedding.

Feeling overwhelmed thinking about costs? Consider hiring a professional team to take care of all the major aspects of your wedding while sticking to your budget. Hiring professionals involves meeting with them (usually only once) before the big day to give them details of everything you’re envisioning for the event, including the cost. Once the planners have that information, they use it to guide all the decisions they make about your wedding.


It’s also smart to figure out your arrival date for the wedding. In most cases, you won’t want to arrive at the very last minute, and building some extra time into the itinerary brings peace of mind. Before sending invitations to your guests, be aware of information they might want to know that could impact whether they are able to make it, such as places to stay in the area and average flight costs.

Things to Do in the Area

Don’t forget to also gain awareness about what there is to do in the area. Many people who plan destination weddings do so because they want to get married and have a honeymoon in the same place. If that is the case for you, it opens up the perfect opportunity to ask professional wedding organizers what they would recommend doing in the area. While you’re at it, get advice about the things you should suggest that the wedding guests should do. You may find that some guests are eager to attend your wedding and also plan to stay in the area longer to turn the trip into a vacation.

These are just some of the essential things to have on your mind as your destination wedding date gets closer. Trust a professional team to help you fill in the details.