Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding Instead of Getting Married Close to Home

There are many things to think about in association with your wedding, and the location of the big event is certainly one of them. Many people are quite intrigued by the idea of having a San Miguel de Allende wedding instead of getting married in a more familiar place, such as a hometown. Keep reading to learn about several of them.

Combine Your Wedding and Honeymoon Location

Newlyweds typically go somewhere special after tying the knot. Why not plan things so that your wedding location and honeymoon location are the same? Taking this approach could save you some money and it also allows you to avoid dealing with the less exciting elements of honeymoons, such as potential jet lag and delayed or missed flights. If you’re already in a destination because your nuptials happened there, you and your new spouse can immediately start enjoying one another’s company in a relaxed setting.

Embrace the Element of Surprise

One large downside of getting married in a place you know well is it’s often hard to look at the location with fresh eyes. However, marrying someone in a destination that’s new to both of you makes it fun and exciting to pick out places to take wedding snapshots, try new foods, get to know the local culture and be amazed by the area’s history. As the two of you embrace all these unfamiliar things, you’ll naturally take part in shared experiences that help both of you build lifelong memories.

Have Even Greater Trust in Your Partner

Despite all the amazing things about having a wedding in San Miguel de Allende, you’re bound to experience a few mildly unsettling things, too. For example, you might get a bit lost on the way to checking out the event venue for the first time or feel a little nervous about trying a food that your partner says is amazing. As you get immersed in previously foreign experiences related to your wedding, don’t be surprised if you find yourself noticing that you trust your partner more than ever, because he or she has been by your side and enriching your time spent in a new place.

Give Your Guests Exciting Experiences

A destination wedding is also an unforgettable event for your guests. Many of them might not have even thought to travel to Mexico until they heard you were getting married there. If some of the people on your guest list are concerned about the costs associated with getting to the wedding, suggest that they could combine two things and treat your big event as part of their annual vacations. You could also tell people that their attendance at the ceremony and associated festivities is worth more to you than any wedding gift.

By now it should be clear why a San Miguel de Allende wedding is such an enticing alternative. Consider hiring a professional team to help you with destination wedding logistics today.