Wedding Color Combos for Summer Wedding in San Miguel

There’s always  something  special  about summer weddings  and  when the  destination is  San Miguel, you simply can’t ignore the  charismatic  vibes of tropical  summers there.  But, staging a grand wedding in this colonial Mexican city is not as easy as it sounds. You must be meticulous enough to choose a perfect color theme. Else, your big fat summer wedding will miss out its essence.

What You Must Keep in Mind?

It’s quite obvious that a wedding in San Miguel will reflect an impeccable Mexican theme throughout. Moreover, their elegant colors and brightness are the perfect eye candy. So, what’s most important is that the very decoration and color themes of the event must reflect a perfect Mexican theme. The laid-back yet elegant wedding with magnificent decor, amazing food, and unique flavors of a Mexican wedding simply can’t match with other wedding themes. And the interesting part is that you don’t have to invest much of manual effort in incorporating the elements of a Mexican wedding, as the tropical summers and pleasant climate do that.

What you can choose is the perfect color combinations that go exceptionally well with the very theme of summer wedding in this city.  Here are some cool ideas on the wedding hues and shades you can use to make the wedding venue absolutely romantic.

Magenta and Yellow with Poppy

With fresh flowers and greenery adorning the city during summers, a comfortable blend of magenta, poppy and yellow certainly depict a summer wedding theme at San Miguel. However, with such vibrant hues, you must get a few subtle decor plans with neutrals to create a perfect summer theme. To jazz it up, use plain tablecloths or you can also work without it to let the natural wood show through. For a grand finale, turn your wedding cake into an obvious display of lush blooms.

Emerald and Cream with a Golden Tinge

The color theme perfectly represents an aesthetic décor. For a summer wedding this color theme is undoubtedly the best choice. Outfit your tables with chic tablecloths designed with sequined runners. However, if you are planning a ballroom wedding, you can arrange garlands of greenery and white florals for an elegant and romantic feel.

Tangerine and Orange with Subtle Hues of Yellow

This color theme is simply amazing for a beach wedding in San Miguel.  With bright sunshine and tropical weather, San Miguel’s beach will look absolutely stunning with this color palette. Use floral backdrops even in the beaches and use accent mirrors and simple table settings, so that the color theme exudes its vibrancy even more.

Cinnamon and Yellow with Beige

Cinnamon and yellow are often included in the list of happy summer colors.  Moreover these reflect the classic elegance of a Mexican theme wedding. However, the color combo is highly accentuated when complemented with traditional wedding elements, such as a tall, tiered cake and splendid space settings. To jazz it up, use cards and gold-rimmed glassware for decoration.

Weddings in the colonial city of Mexico certainly come with a plethora of advantages. However, the decoration of the wedding venue plays a significant role in making the event worth remembering. Check out these color themes to plan out a San Miguel de Allende wedding in the most elegant manner possible.