Choosing a Wedding Planner for Your Destination Wedding

Destination wedding is not easy to organize. There are many who try to plan destination weddings by themselves but arranging an entire event from a distant land takes a lot of effort. In destination weddings the element of fun is twofold. A wedding ceremony on one hand and a visit to an exotic location on the other.

Queretaro, in central Mexico, is one such place that attracts a lot of couples for their exquisite destination weddings. Known for its Spanish colonial architecture and striking pink stone baroque buildings of Santa Rosa de Viterbo church, Queretaro offers exciting wedding opportunities. However, if you can get help from a professional wedding planner who takes care of your wedding keeping every detail in mind then your worries will reduce to a near zero.

There are plenty of wedding planners you could go to; however, selecting the best would be advisable. After all, your wedding is a memorable affair that you would not want anyone to spoil. While choosing a wedding planner, you will have to consider some points. Take a look at these.

Check for Online Presence

Make sure that the wedding planner you choose has an online presence. In this tech-driven world, where almost everything can be done online, you would not want to visit the wedding planner physically for every other thing. Moreover, an online presence will help you know more about the wedding planner, contact regularly and get a glimpse of the kind of work they do.

Ask for a Budget

Check the estimated budget your wedding planner is calculating for you. Compare it with your financial capability and then choose the planner. Make sure that you get an idea of costs involved before taking a decision. A good wedding planner will give you a clear picture and never keep you in the dark.

Do a Background Check

Remember that your wedding is a memorable affair not only for you but many others who would be accompanying you to the event. Taking this into consideration it is important that the planner you choose is trustworthy enough. Check for references and reviews on their website. In case they have social media pages, check for posts and comments to verify.

Check if the Planner is Willing to Customize

Since every individual taste is different, go with a planner who offers customized weddings over packages. Remember your wedding has to be the way you want it, so it cannot be similar to those of other couples’. So, before you choose your wedding planner, ask if they are willing to accommodate you as per your requirements.

Considering the above-mentioned points will certainly guide you to choose the right wedding planner for your exotic destination wedding. In view of this, you could get in touch with Lucero Alverez, an expert wedding planner in Queretaro, who specializes in providing exquisite destination wedding solutions. So, worry no more, just rely on the best for a picture perfect wedding!

Tips to Make your Destination Wedding Perfect

A destination wedding is in itself a great idea. So, putting in more creative thoughts in this idealist theme can result in something not less than a fairy tale. Remember your guests are taking out time to accompany you to your wedding, use your personality and originality to make them feel special. Here are some tips to make the ceremony interesting if you are planning a wedding in San Miguel de Allende, the city that was awarded as the best travel destination in 2016 by Travel+ Leisure Magazine.

The wedding card

Let’s start with the wedding card first. Since a destination wedding is not only special but a unique one as well, the card should reflect the essence of it. Let’s give you an idea – try out a bamboo scroll that displays the local San Miguel de Allende art. A sketch perhaps, of the Parroquia or the cobbled stone lanes with a brief description on the destination. To add to the local essence you could even attach a twig of dry Jacaranda, a beautiful flower locally grown in San Miguel.

The wedding décor

To make your destination wedding perfect, a well decorated wedding altar is a must. Stick to the theme of the destination and put flowers or foliage that are typically found in San Miguel. As centerpieces you can have trunks/logs with native succulents, wild flowers and orchids. You could also consider using photo ribbons that are getting popular these days. Just hang loads of photo ribbons with backdrops of San Miguel.

The wedding menu

Locally sourced cuisine can be a great idea as it not only saves on the cost but also introduces guests to the local flavor of the place. Signature Mexican cocktails like the delicious and refreshing aguas made of fruits, piña colada, jamaica (hibiscus) and horchata (rice water with cinnamon) are a great way of welcoming guests. Planning a San Miguel de Allende destination wedding should follow a traditional Mexican menu. Carnitas (pork loin meat) with guacamole, fresh tortillas rolled and grilled on the spot are great choices. The dessert can include the Tres Leches cake.

To end it all, a proper wedding plan would definitely be required to make a destination wedding perfect. For this, you could contact an expert wedding planner. Lucero Alvarez, is a renowned name in the wedding arena. She and her team specialize in planning exceptional destination weddings for couples who want to add the extra zing to their big day.

Discover San Miguel de Allende as a Romantic Wedding Destination

Not far away from the United States in the heart of central Mexico, is the land of enchanting beauty; San Miguel de Allende. This unique Mexican town is snuggled in the mainland away from the beaches. The beauty of this place was the sole reason why my husband and I decided to get married here. Initially, when our wedding planner suggested this location we were quite apprehensive. We were not sure about the place. We were also very young and wanted an elaborate affair, so were quite determined to have a destination wedding. So, ultimately we put our trust in the wedding planner and decided to go with her plan. The result of this was a captivating wedding experience that lasted us long; even after 6 years now.

Many couples, like us, have chosen San Miguel de Allende as the ultimate wedding destination. It is a colonial town that holds its well-preserved landmarks with pride. The traditional heritage makes this town truly engrossing. There is a distinct individuality in the culinary delights available here. The true Mexican flavors and the expert cooking skills of the natives make the wedding story even more intriguing. So, soak yourself into the colorful mood of the town and enjoy a perfect wedding in San Miguel de Allende.

If you are convinced to weave your wedding story in and around San Miguel de Allende, you could read the rest of this blog to get to know more about this place.

Romantic discoveries

The place offers an array of old villas and beautiful haciendas to modern hotel and boutiques. Select a place that is just right for you and the small family that accompanies you for the wedding. Of course, since you are helped with a wedding planner who is your best guide, make sure that the wedding plan is just not all about the ceremony. It should include exploring the culture of the town through walking trips in the cobbled stone streets; allowing a peek in the secrets of this town. If you come a day early for your wedding, take a walk to Lavanda’s for a scrumptious Mexican breakfast that would leave you wanting for more. Enjoy a romantic meal in a colonial ambience. The perfect way to kick start your new life.

Wedding ceremony at the Parroquia

San Miguel de Allende has some great locations which can be considered unconventionally fashionable for an elegant wedding scene.  For example, the Parroquia, one of the most photographed churches in Mexico. During wedding ceremonies, this church looks beautiful and promises happiness for a successful married life. The front portico allows couples to take beautiful pictures with the gothic style church in the backdrop. There is love in the air of San Miguel de Allende so take in as much of it as you can.  After walking down the aisle the newlyweds are usually greeted by a mariachi band and given shot glasses of tequila, which is a specialty here at San Miguel de Allende. To add to this, the wedding planners often engage people to flicker confetti on the bride and the groom and people in the streets come out to greet them.

Escaping to San Miguel

The ornate facade, the dome rooftops, palpable romance, swirling bougainvilleas, panoramic view of the urban landscapes of San Miguel de Allende remain with you forever and are all components of a perfect wedding backdrop. For customized weddings and romantic getaways San Miguel de Allende is an unparalleled destination.

So, what are you thinking? Are you convinced enough to choose San Miguel de Allende as your wedding destination? If ‘no’, think again! You could lose an opportunity of your lifetime. If ‘yes’, then get in touch with Lucero Alvarez today! Your dream of a memorable wedding will be fulfilled with utmost creativity and élan.

Five Great Destinations for Exotic Weddings

From the most picturesque mountains to sandy beaches, from places with brilliant spires to astounding locales, destination weddings can be fascinating both for the couples and their families. In recent times, destination weddings have caught the interest of many. Not just the rich and the famous, but people with a shoestring budget can also opt for a destination wedding. Even if a destination wedding costs more than a usual wedding at home location, it is a dream experience for many. The excitement, adventure and scenic elegance it brings along with it, are worth spending for.

Here is a list of five stunningly beautiful spots that anyone can opt for an extravagant destination wedding.

Big Island of Hawaii

You could consider The Big Island of Hawaii for your dream destination wedding. The diverse topography of the largest island chain has 11 to 13 climatic zones. The highest mountain lends a dramatic snow top view which changes to a lunar-like landscape while moving to the west. The north and the east coast is a brilliant shade of green. So, you can choose any backdrop for your wedding.

Apart from the ceremony, you could also indulge in snorkelling, or just sauntering in the beach, or venturing in the forests to ride a horse in the green meadows. The weather is perfect round the year; however, winters attract more visitors.

Tuscany Italy

If you’ve always dreamt of getting married like a princess, you could opt for a castle wedding. Central Tuscany, Italy is the place to be in. Tuscany landscape will lend its exciting charm to your wedding with its rolling hills, vineyards, green valleys and thick olive groves. This romantic destination has all the secrets of a glorious beginning of your new life. The indulgent look and feel of the place fills you with a feeling of bliss. Local gourmet specialities make for much of the attraction with mushrooms in olive oil, roasted meat, cheese and of course wine. The best time to be here is from May to October. So, pick any time during this period for your wedding and enjoy the beauty of this destination.

New Zealand

If you wish to experience the magic of a Hobbiton wedding then New Zealand is waiting for you. The landscape is just fitting for a fairy tale wedding where golden beaches meet lush green mountains and pristine forests. With a share of the Great Barrier Reef and hot springs, a view of the stunning Alps, waterside canyons, vineyards and olive groves make this destination ideal for any magical wedding. You can not only exchange wedding vows here but indulge in an adventurous honeymoon by going on trekking trips and mountain biking. The temperature is generally mild and sunny so a wedding could be planned at any time of the year.


Thailand is an attractive wedding destination for many. The wonderful sea fed coastline is filled with the pristine beauty of white sand and the azure sea. Full of crags, caves and coral reefs there are various locales that charm wedding planners and honeymooners. The ethnic charm of the South Asian community with their custom and traditions make wedding planning in Thailand amazing. Phuket and Koh Samui are the hot favorite destinations. However, there are some offbeat places but planning a wedding here will need a lot of local help and once that is done your wedding in this oriental locale will surely be memorable. The best time for weddings here is from November to January

San Miguel de Allende

The high desert mountains of central Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende makes for a wonderful wedding destination. The Colonial and Spanish style architecture lures couples to this spectacular destination which harbors scenic beauty that inspires people to come back to this destination. Its old elegant charm, cobbled roads and fairy tale lightings in the streets create a different yet enchanting wedding ambience. The town is brimming with history and culture. Spanish-style courtyards, an array of boutique style hotels, centuries-old chapels all conjure charming wedding ceremonies. The city is in a perpetual mood for celebration and festivities, fireworks and parades add galore to its regularly affable ambience so you won’t need to worry about entertaining guests. Though away from the sea coast, this destination lends its striking charm to visitors who often end up making this destination their home. Spring is the best time for weddings here when azaleas and dogwood trees are in full bloom and make colorful wedding backdrops. San Miguel de Allende weddings are unique and unforgettable. If this intrigues you and you think of getting your dream wedding planned in the exotic city of San Miguel de Allende then get in touch with Lucero Alvarez – an expert wedding planner who will make your wedding experience truly memorable.

When wedding bells are ringing and the plan is all set for a destination wedding, get ready to choose from a list of stunning spots. The uniqueness of a destination wedding will surely leave your guests in awe and make your wedding an unforgettable affair.