10 Things to do after you Get Engaged

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and engagement is like a trial-run which offers time to the couple to plan things out. Are you recently engaged to your soul mate and thinking of your next step? Congratulations! This article might help you straighten out things to make your marriage a dream of an experience.

  1. Be open to unique ideas

Try to plan a wedding that will be a display of yours and your partner’s personality. Make a list of what you both like and make sure it gets highlighted in your marriage theme.

  1. Talk to your friends

The more you talk to people the more ideas you’ll get to make your wedding more happening. You can enlist help from your friends and filter out the best of the plans.

  1. Inform your circle

Whether you wish to make your marriage a low-key affair or a grand fiesta, it is always recommendable to inform your closed ones and not procrastinate. It is an exciting news, and your circle deserves to know about the great story ASAP.

  1. Make a guest list

This must be on your To-do list during the pre-wedding phase. Get it sorted early by making a guest list so that you can plan the overall budget.

  1. Plan a destination wedding

Destination weddings are always a great way to make your wedding an experience of a lifetime. You not only get a taste of an exotic location but also get postcard-worthy images of the grand event.

  1. Set a realistic budget

Many believe that destination weddings call for top dollar expenditures, but there are a few exotic locations which offer affordability and class. Check out a location where destination wedding can be well within reach of those who set a realistic budget. http://bit.ly/2Dy768n

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  1. Hire a wedding planner

A professional and certified wedding planner holds all the aces in providing a hassle-free wedding experience. From organizing the entire event, to offering additional services, they will help you every step of the way.

See how this wedding planner based in San Miguel de Allende will make your dream come true in the enchanting locales of Mexico per your budgetary needs and requirements. http://bit.ly/2Dzcf04

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  1. Plan for a pre-wedding shoot

Pre-wedding shoots capture those priceless expressions of the would-be bride and groom that bring their love story to the fore. Both of you must share a few common favorite places, and those spots can ideally be your perfect pre-wedding shoot destination.

  1. Plan at least six months earlier

If you’re contemplating a grand wedding, then you can’t keep everything for the last moment. You need to talk to the wedding planner at least six months before your wedding date and book your perfect spot before anyone else does.

  1. Give more time to your would-be

This is the most important thing. Spend more time with your beloved and plan things out together. Share your wedding ideas and never impose views that might not be a choice of your loved one.

Choose the Perfect Dress for Your Bridesmaids for a Destination Wedding in San Miguel

“Bright sunshine, flourished plants, relaxed and excited mood”- This is what the San Miguel summers look like; a quixotic setting for a magnificent wedding. However, to celebrate your summer nuptials, you would need something more than a dramatic setting and beautiful climate. From deciding a perfect theme, table decorations and most importantly the dress, a destination wedding in San Miguel involves a lot of planning. Even more important is selecting the bridesmaid’s couture because that’s what often preserves the charisma of a destination wedding.

These days, designers are opting for more modern, fashion-forward designs that mimic the gorgeous trends you see coming down the runway. Here, we highlight five stylish bridesmaid dress trends that will simply complement a happy summer wedding in San Miguel. From pretty pastels to jet black, there are options galore. Scroll down to check out the chic dresses that your bridesmaid can sport on the D-Day.

Tea Length Dresses

These are the new arrivals in the bridesmaids’ couture trends. For the summers, opt for pastel shades so that they represent a serene vibe. These dresses look extremely stylish with a hemline falling just below the knee or brushing the lower calf.  A tea length dress depicts a semiformal style that exudes fun and retro vibes in terms of design. At the same time, they look increasingly sophisticated. Go with an airy fabric like chiffon or linen for a Barbie-inspired effect.

Off-Shoulder Outfits

While the strapless dresses are always ideal for a summer wedding, you can jazz one up by choosing the right silhouette. The shoulder-baring silhouette with floral prints brings out the feminine grace and at the same time imparts both a classic and elegant look.

Tiered Skirts

Straight and long dresses in soft fabrics are always a perfect wedding staple, but if you want to break from the age-old tradition on your best friend’s wedding, go for the tiered skirts. These skirts add a perfect zing and impart a classic elegance to your entire outfit.

CottonLace Dresses

Lace is nothing new when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, but the concept of textured cotton lace feels a lot fresh. Go for the pastel shades like blush and lavender as they perfectly complement the romantic texture of lace and opt for a longer silhouette to dress it up.

Two-piece Dresses

May be it’s an unusual choice, but if you want to sport something elegantly bold, opt for a two-piece attire. For the happy summer in San Miguel, a two-piece dress will set a fun affair, especially with a young group of friends. For a more stylish feel, mix-and-match your dress with soft textured lace.  No doubt, a two-piece dress showing off a fair amount of your skin will give a subtle romantic vibe.

And finally, whether your dress is perfectly simple or majestically embellished, a fun flutter sleeve will always lend it a vintage twist. Choose dresses in soft floral patterns, muted colors or feminine metallic to dress for the perfect summer weddings in San Miguel de Allende.

The best options in Querétaro

We choose for you the best wedding boutiques with ultimate trends, style and the perfect quality for this important decision.

  1. Atelier De La Novia
  2. Cliché Novias
  3. Eleganzza Sposa
  4. Essence Couture
  5. Tega Ceremonia
  6. Vestida de Novia

For more expert advice, get in touch with Lucero Alvarez, the wedding and event designer in San Miguel de Allende.

Wedding Color Combos for Summer Wedding in San Miguel

There’s always  something  special  about summer weddings  and  when the  destination is  San Miguel, you simply can’t ignore the  charismatic  vibes of tropical  summers there.  But, staging a grand wedding in this colonial Mexican city is not as easy as it sounds. You must be meticulous enough to choose a perfect color theme. Else, your big fat summer wedding will miss out its essence.

What You Must Keep in Mind?

It’s quite obvious that a wedding in San Miguel will reflect an impeccable Mexican theme throughout. Moreover, their elegant colors and brightness are the perfect eye candy. So, what’s most important is that the very decoration and color themes of the event must reflect a perfect Mexican theme. The laid-back yet elegant wedding with magnificent decor, amazing food, and unique flavors of a Mexican wedding simply can’t match with other wedding themes. And the interesting part is that you don’t have to invest much of manual effort in incorporating the elements of a Mexican wedding, as the tropical summers and pleasant climate do that.

What you can choose is the perfect color combinations that go exceptionally well with the very theme of summer wedding in this city.  Here are some cool ideas on the wedding hues and shades you can use to make the wedding venue absolutely romantic.

Magenta and Yellow with Poppy

With fresh flowers and greenery adorning the city during summers, a comfortable blend of magenta, poppy and yellow certainly depict a summer wedding theme at San Miguel. However, with such vibrant hues, you must get a few subtle decor plans with neutrals to create a perfect summer theme. To jazz it up, use plain tablecloths or you can also work without it to let the natural wood show through. For a grand finale, turn your wedding cake into an obvious display of lush blooms.

Emerald and Cream with a Golden Tinge

The color theme perfectly represents an aesthetic décor. For a summer wedding this color theme is undoubtedly the best choice. Outfit your tables with chic tablecloths designed with sequined runners. However, if you are planning a ballroom wedding, you can arrange garlands of greenery and white florals for an elegant and romantic feel.

Tangerine and Orange with Subtle Hues of Yellow

This color theme is simply amazing for a beach wedding in San Miguel.  With bright sunshine and tropical weather, San Miguel’s beach will look absolutely stunning with this color palette. Use floral backdrops even in the beaches and use accent mirrors and simple table settings, so that the color theme exudes its vibrancy even more.

Cinnamon and Yellow with Beige

Cinnamon and yellow are often included in the list of happy summer colors.  Moreover these reflect the classic elegance of a Mexican theme wedding. However, the color combo is highly accentuated when complemented with traditional wedding elements, such as a tall, tiered cake and splendid space settings. To jazz it up, use cards and gold-rimmed glassware for decoration.

Weddings in the colonial city of Mexico certainly come with a plethora of advantages. However, the decoration of the wedding venue plays a significant role in making the event worth remembering. Check out these color themes to plan out a San Miguel de Allende wedding in the most elegant manner possible.

10 Services a Good wedding Planner Should Provide

Taking the vows of love in a beautiful destination away from your home can be a dream-come-true experience for many. The challenge is to arrange everything you desire within a realistic budget, time, and location. Destination weddings can be hectic and cumbersome if the wedding planner offers you limited services and charges sky high prices. We have made this process of marriage planning a bit easier by enlisting ten services that should be offered by the wedding planner you hire.

1. Taking the onus of the full event: You should ensure that the wedding planner doesn’t work in bits and pieces. They should take care of everything surrounding the wedding, from the beginning until the end.

2. Personal scouting options: This is an essential feature especially for the ones who are planning a destination wedding. The wedding planner must provide scouting services that involve presenting different venues and locals aligned to the taste and needs of the couple. The couple should be provided an itinerary and taken to their desired venue escorted by the coordinators.

3. Flexibility to select appropriate vendors: Based on the requirements and budgetary constraints of the clients, the weddings planner should help them every step of the way to offer them suitable vendors who would ensure value for their money.

4. Taking care of after-party dismantling: After setting up everything, dismantling all the arrangements can be really straining. A good wedding planner will never leave this part unattended.

5. Arranging the guest transportation: A Destination wedding demands taking care of the transit facilities of the clients and their guests. You should check if the wedding planner makes the promise of taking good care of your guests.

6. Special care of the bride: The bride and the groom are the cynosure of the event. Therefore, it is important to take special care of both of them, especially the bride. Check if the wedding planner provides personal assistance to the bride from the beginning of the event until the last minute.

7. Organizing the legal ceremony: In a destination wedding, the clients are expected to be from a different country or state. It is therefore important that the wedding planner helps them every step of the way so that they adhere to the legal proceedings.

8. Organizing other religious ceremonies: Different caste and creed comes with different culture and norms. It is important that the religious or spiritual rituals are also taken care of by the wedding planner.

9. RSVP services: All you need to do is handing over the list of the guests along with their contact details. The wedding planner will do the rest.

10. Special rates for special arrangements: The clients should be given the flexibility to choose the special rates for special organization requests.

Besides, there are other events like the organization of the bridal party, rehearsal dinners and setting up the overall timing that should be offered by the wedding planners.

Wish to arrange a destination wedding in San Miguel de Allende or in and around Mexico? Let us know.

Why It’s Important to Hire Professionals When Planning Your Destination Wedding

There are many things to think about when planning a wedding, and a location is one of the major ones. The place where the wedding takes place is especially important if the bride and groom-to-be do not find the idea of getting married near where they live very appealing or they are interested in getting married somewhere unfamiliar for an exotic twist. Many people are interested in the prospect of a San Miguel de Allende wedding because the destination is convenient enough to area airports and features beautiful scenery.

No matter where you decide to get married, it is very wise to think strongly about hiring a team of specialists to plan all the crucial details of the big day. There are several reasons this is a good idea.

Professionals Can Take Care of Local Needs

One of the major advantages of a destination wedding is enjoying a place that you and your new spouse can explore together. Deciding to hire a professional team means that after a preliminary planning meeting, you can simply show up near the date of the wedding and do not have to stay in the destination for months or weeks beforehand.

Experts Will Think of Details You Forget

There are bound to be things you’ll forget or not even think about during the planning phases, but you can rely on wedding organizers to be thinking of them. They have built entire careers out of helping people have successful wedding ceremonies, and you can rest assured they will do the same in your case. After hearing some of your general ideas about the event, they’ll offer advice for you to keep in mind. As a result of all this tailored information, the likelihood goes up that you’ll get hitched without having major mishaps that could derail everything, at least on a short-term basis.

Your Wedding Planners Can Handle the Less-Exciting Parts

Hired wedding planners also assist with setting up for your wedding and dismantling the venue after everything’s over. It’s arguably much harder than it might otherwise be for you to take care of those necessities while living outside the area. That’s especially true if the plans involving renting equipment to use at the wedding. You will likely not be aware of the best companies to use for rentals, but your wedding planners will do the required research or will already have local businesses in mind.

Wedding Coordinators Stick to Your Budget

It’s sometimes easy to spend more than anticipated on a destination wedding, particularly if you have to travel back and forth between the place it’s happening and wherever you live. Fortunately, hiring wedding coordinators eliminates the need to travel except for an initial interview. Plus, the team you hire are aware of your budget and work accordingly, which means things don’t get too costly without your knowledge.

These are just some of the many benefits of hiring help for your destination wedding. Contact an experienced team today.

Crucial Things to Think About Before Planning a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are very appealing possibilities to people who are getting married soon and trying to choose their preferred locations. Many couples think seriously about planning San Miguel de Allende destination weddings, because that location in Mexico is very picturesque. If you’ve got that destination on your shortlist too, bear in mind the things below throughout the process.

Costs For Your and Your Guests

It’ll probably be more expensive to have a destination wedding than one that takes place at home, although that’s not always the case if you live in a place that has a very high cost of living. Before making your final decision about a destination wedding, figure out the approximate costs and make sure you can afford them. Furthermore, realize that there will also be extra costs for guests who have to travel from wherever they’re from to attend your nuptials. Some of the people you invite will be so excited to be there and dedicated to the relationship you and your spouse share that they have pledged to be at your wedding no matter what. However, in other cases, some people may not be able to feasibly afford the costs of traveling to a destination wedding.

Feeling overwhelmed thinking about costs? Consider hiring a professional team to take care of all the major aspects of your wedding while sticking to your budget. Hiring professionals involves meeting with them (usually only once) before the big day to give them details of everything you’re envisioning for the event, including the cost. Once the planners have that information, they use it to guide all the decisions they make about your wedding.


It’s also smart to figure out your arrival date for the wedding. In most cases, you won’t want to arrive at the very last minute, and building some extra time into the itinerary brings peace of mind. Before sending invitations to your guests, be aware of information they might want to know that could impact whether they are able to make it, such as places to stay in the area and average flight costs.

Things to Do in the Area

Don’t forget to also gain awareness about what there is to do in the area. Many people who plan destination weddings do so because they want to get married and have a honeymoon in the same place. If that is the case for you, it opens up the perfect opportunity to ask professional wedding organizers what they would recommend doing in the area. While you’re at it, get advice about the things you should suggest that the wedding guests should do. You may find that some guests are eager to attend your wedding and also plan to stay in the area longer to turn the trip into a vacation.

These are just some of the essential things to have on your mind as your destination wedding date gets closer. Trust a professional team to help you fill in the details.

Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding Instead of Getting Married Close to Home

There are many things to think about in association with your wedding, and the location of the big event is certainly one of them. Many people are quite intrigued by the idea of having a San Miguel de Allende wedding instead of getting married in a more familiar place, such as a hometown. Keep reading to learn about several of them.

Combine Your Wedding and Honeymoon Location

Newlyweds typically go somewhere special after tying the knot. Why not plan things so that your wedding location and honeymoon location are the same? Taking this approach could save you some money and it also allows you to avoid dealing with the less exciting elements of honeymoons, such as potential jet lag and delayed or missed flights. If you’re already in a destination because your nuptials happened there, you and your new spouse can immediately start enjoying one another’s company in a relaxed setting.

Embrace the Element of Surprise

One large downside of getting married in a place you know well is it’s often hard to look at the location with fresh eyes. However, marrying someone in a destination that’s new to both of you makes it fun and exciting to pick out places to take wedding snapshots, try new foods, get to know the local culture and be amazed by the area’s history. As the two of you embrace all these unfamiliar things, you’ll naturally take part in shared experiences that help both of you build lifelong memories.

Have Even Greater Trust in Your Partner

Despite all the amazing things about having a wedding in San Miguel de Allende, you’re bound to experience a few mildly unsettling things, too. For example, you might get a bit lost on the way to checking out the event venue for the first time or feel a little nervous about trying a food that your partner says is amazing. As you get immersed in previously foreign experiences related to your wedding, don’t be surprised if you find yourself noticing that you trust your partner more than ever, because he or she has been by your side and enriching your time spent in a new place.

Give Your Guests Exciting Experiences

A destination wedding is also an unforgettable event for your guests. Many of them might not have even thought to travel to Mexico until they heard you were getting married there. If some of the people on your guest list are concerned about the costs associated with getting to the wedding, suggest that they could combine two things and treat your big event as part of their annual vacations. You could also tell people that their attendance at the ceremony and associated festivities is worth more to you than any wedding gift.

By now it should be clear why a San Miguel de Allende wedding is such an enticing alternative. Consider hiring a professional team to help you with destination wedding logistics today.

3 Things to Look for in a Wedding Planner

For many women, their wedding day is one of the most important moments in their lives. The goal is to have everything in place on time and the event to flow smoothly, ensuring wonderful memories for years to come. Because there is so much to do, a wedding planner in San Miguel de Allende can be a huge help and make the process go smoothly for the happy couple. There are three important things to look for when hiring a planner.


Communication is about more than just returning phone calls. Instead, brides should look for a planner who is willing to listen and even check to make sure that he or she understands what a bride is hoping for. These lines of communication help to match up expectations with results and keep everyone happy throughout the process. This communication should also extend to any other vendors who are a part of the process. From the very beginning, if phone calls aren’t being made or it seems obvious that a couple’s wishes aren’t being understood, it’s time to find someone new to take over the planning process.


It’s important to choose a planner that is going to see things through to the end. There are sure to be issues and complications along the way that can, at times, create really challenges. A bride needs to know that she can count on her planer to keep working on the smallest of details until the situation is resolved or another solution can be found. There’s a real difference between a planner that wants to do a good job and a planner that sees each event as a reflection of his or her quality of work. Brides want a planner that takes pride in the work along the way as well as the final result.


Most brides aren’t looking for a cookie cutter wedding. Even if they have some ideas that they’ve seen at other events, they want a moment that is going to be unique and amazing. The goal is to find a planner that brings fresh ideas to each wedding, sometimes combining multiple ideas to create something that is going to be memorable for both the wedding party as well as the guests. This takes a little bit of extra flair and creativity to accomplish. It also means keeping up with the latest trends and ideas and being able to put an interesting twist on each to keep things fresh and customized to the wedding.

Outside of things like the dress and the venue, a wedding planner can be one of the most important decisions a bride makes for her big day, Communication is key, and a the ideal planner helps to facilitate both communication and understanding. The right person is committed to the couple and making their dreams come true. The best planner is someone that going to bring unique and interesting ideas to the table. Don’t settle for anything less on your big day.

Planning San Miguel De Allende Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings Are Always In Vogue

No matter what else is going on in the world, one market that hardly ever sees a drop is the destination planning market, and weddings are golden. People try to save money all the time and wind up being unable to plan their own wedding in exotic locations. They just do not see the wisdom of doing a little investigation to research the prices and options.

Working with local companies that plan San Miguel De Allende destination weddings is the best plan possible, even for those friends who believe they know best. With their local knowledge readily available, planning couples and families can avoid some of the most frustrating traps that can occur with vendors, tailors and local churches. Sometimes, you just have to trust the locals and not assume the worst. Having local guidance can be essential for pulling off your event successfully.

Be Sure To Allow Yourself Enough Time

There was a time, not all that long ago, where a wedding of this size could be planned, staged and done in less than six months. In simpler times, of course. According to most experts in the field, the average destination wedding should be planned and accomplished anywhere between a year and eighteen months. They also say planning should start the day after you get engaged, for that matter!

By engaging a local firm to help plan your destination wedding, the amount of time spent on that phase will be reduced dramatically. They have knowledge of local vendors that someone from the outside may have difficulty obtaining, for one. For example, consider a beautiful cathedral–someone who knows the management might be able to tell just when they would be open to holding your ceremony. Photography is another vendor service that you would not be able to do without, and the local firm would be able to facilitate the right connection for the exact time you wish, with just the right backdrop.

Why Plan So Early?

The availability of locations is not the only reason to get an early start on it all. In the real world, not everyone will be available at a given time to attend nor will they all have the same budget as you do for your wedding. When using a local firm to help plan everything, you might also discover a way to help those who would be otherwise left out. Budget offerings are not unheard of here and may be a way for all of your guests to attend your special day.

Planning For Your Special Day

By listening to the wisdom offered by local firms, you might uncover other advantages and deals that would benefit everyone involved. You might also be able to wrap up all those pesky details, like lodging and activities, comfortably ahead of time. That alone might be the best gift that you can give yourself before the wedding, with relaxation and peace of mind making it an even more memorable occasion.

Girls Pre-Wedding Date at San Miguel De Allende

Destination weddings are so exotic that you feel like trying out new things to double the level of enjoyment. Memories of a friend’s wedding at San Miguel de Allende still bring a gleeful expression on my face. We had reached San Miguel a day before the wedding. My friend decided on an all girlie day to pamper ourselves and have as much fun celebrating her spinsterhood. She was the first friend getting married and that too at San Miguel. The adventure quotient had to be best utilized with help from our wedding planner.

Mexican Spa for the Girls

When beautiful girls team, beautiful things happen. It began with pampering and spoiling ourselves. The Wedding planner had arranged for a spa. We had two Mexican masseuses who helped in relieving the pre-wedding anxieties. They also did a great Mexican Facial with natural ingredients like honey, clay, cactus, avocado, olive oil; tepezcohuite, mamey seed oil, mangrove and tequila which are great exfoliate. Oh! We did look radiant enough to burn all the men around!

Dressing up the Mexican Way

That evening we decided to dress in Mexican clothes. Two of us wore the traditional Chiapas dress. A wide skirt and blouse with heavily embroidered and decorated ribbons creating a dramatic effect for the evening. The background was is black and the embroidery bright and colorful with flower patterns. The other three wore Tabasco traditional dresses. White blouse with delicate floral embroidery, bright ribbons around the neck and on sleeves; colorful skirt with floral pattern and flowers in the hair made us look so feminine.  Mexican style light makeup and light side buns that could be removed easily completed our appearance for the evening. We looked so lovely, almost Mexican except that our skin tone didn’t match with their perfect tans.

Mexican Munchies

The food was a must over endless chitchats. That too was traditionally Mexican. Grilled salmon tacos with chipotle lime yoghurt and Spicy chicken, mango & jalapeño salad were so right to go with all the spicy conversation that completely immersed us. A touch of Sunset Margarita, the spicy Sangrita de Toro, Tommy’s Margarita, White Peach Sangria and Mexican Hot Chocolate for the bride as she had decided on a no alcohol diet filled our stomachs and cheered our minds.

Picture perfect in San Miguel

With all of us looking so glamorous it was important to capture the moment. The five of us with our photographer went to the terrace. With the brilliant cityscape in the backdrop and the clear starry sky of San Miguel above us, it was nothing less than a fairytale. The baroque Spanish architecture, the city’s historic cobblestoned walkways, the neo-Gothic church Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, with dramatic pink towers that rose above the main plaza, El Jardín, The Templo de San Francisco church and the 18th-century churrigueresque outlined silhouette made the pictures so perfect.

The pictures still send a strong feeling of nostalgia.  The wedding was great and everything seemed just right. Our special moments at the wedding in San Miguel de Allande will always remain a wonderful memory. One of the other friends too is planning a wedding there. San Miguel awaits us with another bountiful wedding extravaganza.