3 Important Things Your Wedding Planner Needs to Know

The wedding day is one of the most important moments in the life of a couple. It’s the day when they commit to one another in the presence of friends and family. The goal is to create the perfect event so that everyone can enjoy the moment together. With the help of a wedding planner, this day can be both amazing and stress-free. However, there are a few things that a planner needs to know right away in order to get the process started.

The Desired Date of the Event

While setting the date for a wedding usually requires a little bit of flexibility, couples generally have some idea of when they want to set up their event. Some are looking for a specific season, while others are looking at a date that gives them a certain amount of time to plan and prepare. Regardless, a wedding planner in Queretaro needs to have a general idea of when the union will take place in order to get started. Once the date is established, the rest of the items to get set up will begin to fall into place.

The Size of the Event

Weddings come in all sizes. Some are small and intimate with only close love ones around, while others are huge parties that include an extensive guest list. Couples need at least a vague idea of the size of their event. While the exact number of guests won’t be available for months, having a general number in mind can help. It allows a planner to narrow down the number of venues that will be able to host the event, and it can help a couple come up with a budget for the wedding.

Any Special Requests

Every couple usually has some type of special request that should be mentioned to the wedding planner in Queretaro as soon as possible. There are a host of things that will need some additional attention either during the planning process or on the day of the wedding. These include things like menu accommodations that need to be made, family situations that may require seating adjustments, and even travel arrangements that could present a challenge as the big day approaches. The more time a planner has access to this information, the better able he or she will be to create a game plan for how to best handle them.

If the goal is to have a beautiful wedding that is hassle-free, hiring a wedding planner should be the first step. Once that is done, it is important to share certain information as soon as possible to allow time to make changes and accommodations that are going to be required. Armed with a date range, a rough number of guests, and specific situations that need additional attention, a planner can begin to put together a special day that the happy couple, along with their friends and family, will remember for years to come.

Quick Dress Checks before a Destination Wedding

Weddings are special and when it comes to destination weddings in a place like Queretaro, planning a complete ensemble becomes important. Taking care of the smallest details from the dress to accessories with days and events in mind needs to be done with the minutest care. Once you have reached the destination there is no point of return. Therefore if there is anything that you have forgotten it will either have to be bought or ignored.

Essentials That You Must Carry

What essentials must you carry? Although your wedding planner at Queretaro will arrange for a beautician, it is wise to carry some simple necessities that may prove to be useful. Curling irons, hairspray, styling brushes, primers. Don’t forget to carry the right colored underwear, clutch and jewelry.  Rollers, fashion tape and safety pins are very important and should be included in the emergency kit.  Carry the essentials in a small trolley bag with you. Since all outfits are packed and taken to another destination, look for wrinkle-free outfits.

Gown Tips

What kind of a gown must you choose if you are planning a destination wedding at Queretaro? The average temperature in Querétaro is 18.7 °C. So accordingly plan your dress. For the wedding day you are supposed to look picture perfect and in a place like Querétaro which allows you to let yourself go choose your gowns with utmost taste.

You could go for a floating white gown which can be slit like a flower. A laced bodice capes down the lower neck wrapping perfectly with your shape from the top to your upper legs. Cut pieces of fabric made of soft, thin gossamer chiffon curtain your legs and sways in the breeze when you walk down the aisle. The thin, soft fabric of your dress makes you look heavenly while loosely curled tresses flow away majestically. Look elegant and also keep the style value intact while you float your way into your own wedding with the wonderful dress.

You could also choose a side slit white gown with special details. The open shoulders will make you look radiant and keep you feeling cool in the heat. A laced wrinkle free material with stylish straps holding on to your soft shoulders and crochet lace tastefully unveiling the cleavage while the rest of the dress playfully covers your shapely form making you look no less than a Goddess.

Another gown that will fetch the best wedding photos could be this. Made of soft fabric this lightweight material looks perfect in a full white gown. Detailed embroidery with flowery overlays tastefully covering the bosom and rolling down to your waist gives you a pristine look. The gown streams down like waterfall till the lowest length of your legs. Keep your hair open and straight and match it with stylish long earrings.

Destination weddings can turn out dreamlike if you keep the fun quotient flowing. Remember even if you forget something, keep that smile intact and all will work miraculously well.

Choosing a Wedding Planner for Your Destination Wedding

Destination wedding is not easy to organize. There are many who try to plan destination weddings by themselves but arranging an entire event from a distant land takes a lot of effort. In destination weddings the element of fun is twofold. A wedding ceremony on one hand and a visit to an exotic location on the other.

Queretaro, in central Mexico, is one such place that attracts a lot of couples for their exquisite destination weddings. Known for its Spanish colonial architecture and striking pink stone baroque buildings of Santa Rosa de Viterbo church, Queretaro offers exciting wedding opportunities. However, if you can get help from a professional wedding planner who takes care of your wedding keeping every detail in mind then your worries will reduce to a near zero.

There are plenty of wedding planners you could go to; however, selecting the best would be advisable. After all, your wedding is a memorable affair that you would not want anyone to spoil. While choosing a wedding planner, you will have to consider some points. Take a look at these.

Check for Online Presence

Make sure that the wedding planner you choose has an online presence. In this tech-driven world, where almost everything can be done online, you would not want to visit the wedding planner physically for every other thing. Moreover, an online presence will help you know more about the wedding planner, contact regularly and get a glimpse of the kind of work they do.

Ask for a Budget

Check the estimated budget your wedding planner is calculating for you. Compare it with your financial capability and then choose the planner. Make sure that you get an idea of costs involved before taking a decision. A good wedding planner will give you a clear picture and never keep you in the dark.

Do a Background Check

Remember that your wedding is a memorable affair not only for you but many others who would be accompanying you to the event. Taking this into consideration it is important that the planner you choose is trustworthy enough. Check for references and reviews on their website. In case they have social media pages, check for posts and comments to verify.

Check if the Planner is Willing to Customize

Since every individual taste is different, go with a planner who offers customized weddings over packages. Remember your wedding has to be the way you want it, so it cannot be similar to those of other couples’. So, before you choose your wedding planner, ask if they are willing to accommodate you as per your requirements.

Considering the above-mentioned points will certainly guide you to choose the right wedding planner for your exotic destination wedding. In view of this, you could get in touch with Lucero Alverez, an expert wedding planner in Queretaro, who specializes in providing exquisite destination wedding solutions. So, worry no more, just rely on the best for a picture perfect wedding!