Discover San Miguel de Allende as a Romantic Wedding Destination

Not far away from the United States in the heart of central Mexico, is the land of enchanting beauty; San Miguel de Allende. This unique Mexican town is snuggled in the mainland away from the beaches. The beauty of this place was the sole reason why my husband and I decided to get married here. Initially, when our wedding planner suggested this location we were quite apprehensive. We were not sure about the place. We were also very young and wanted an elaborate affair, so were quite determined to have a destination wedding. So, ultimately we put our trust in the wedding planner and decided to go with her plan. The result of this was a captivating wedding experience that lasted us long; even after 6 years now.

Many couples, like us, have chosen San Miguel de Allende as the ultimate wedding destination. It is a colonial town that holds its well-preserved landmarks with pride. The traditional heritage makes this town truly engrossing. There is a distinct individuality in the culinary delights available here. The true Mexican flavors and the expert cooking skills of the natives make the wedding story even more intriguing. So, soak yourself into the colorful mood of the town and enjoy a perfect wedding in San Miguel de Allende.

If you are convinced to weave your wedding story in and around San Miguel de Allende, you could read the rest of this blog to get to know more about this place.

Romantic discoveries

The place offers an array of old villas and beautiful haciendas to modern hotel and boutiques. Select a place that is just right for you and the small family that accompanies you for the wedding. Of course, since you are helped with a wedding planner who is your best guide, make sure that the wedding plan is just not all about the ceremony. It should include exploring the culture of the town through walking trips in the cobbled stone streets; allowing a peek in the secrets of this town. If you come a day early for your wedding, take a walk to Lavanda’s for a scrumptious Mexican breakfast that would leave you wanting for more. Enjoy a romantic meal in a colonial ambience. The perfect way to kick start your new life.

Wedding ceremony at the Parroquia

San Miguel de Allende has some great locations which can be considered unconventionally fashionable for an elegant wedding scene.  For example, the Parroquia, one of the most photographed churches in Mexico. During wedding ceremonies, this church looks beautiful and promises happiness for a successful married life. The front portico allows couples to take beautiful pictures with the gothic style church in the backdrop. There is love in the air of San Miguel de Allende so take in as much of it as you can.  After walking down the aisle the newlyweds are usually greeted by a mariachi band and given shot glasses of tequila, which is a specialty here at San Miguel de Allende. To add to this, the wedding planners often engage people to flicker confetti on the bride and the groom and people in the streets come out to greet them.

Escaping to San Miguel

The ornate facade, the dome rooftops, palpable romance, swirling bougainvilleas, panoramic view of the urban landscapes of San Miguel de Allende remain with you forever and are all components of a perfect wedding backdrop. For customized weddings and romantic getaways San Miguel de Allende is an unparalleled destination.

So, what are you thinking? Are you convinced enough to choose San Miguel de Allende as your wedding destination? If ‘no’, think again! You could lose an opportunity of your lifetime. If ‘yes’, then get in touch with Lucero Alvarez today! Your dream of a memorable wedding will be fulfilled with utmost creativity and élan.