How do we operate?

Lucero Alvarez is a wedding planner certified by ABC & INIBEP, the institutions that certify wedding planners in Latin America. Our company is part of ACIBEP, the first association of independent coordinators of weddings and professional events in Mexico.

Our offices are located in the city of Queretaro. Our staff is fully trained in event planning, providing all the support that you, as a customer, need for your special event.

Our team is certified as specialists in destination weddings by SECTUR (Mexico´s National Tourism Office). This means that we have all the tools necessary to provide you the service you require. This is extremely important for a couple who does not live in Mexico, or in the city where the wedding will be taking place. We have a complete system that allows us to handle the coordination of the project online. We do require that the couple attends one face-to-face meeting in Queretaro for the initial planning of the project, this meeting would last 2 fulls days, in order to see venues, tastings, sample of centerpieces, interviews with vendors etc. The rest of the details can be handled online by our senior coordination team.

We specialize in weddings in the Bajio area (Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, Tequisquiapan, Bernal, Celaya, San Juan del Rio and Guanajuato). We also have associate planners that work with us to coordinate weddings in Mexico DF, Acapulco, Puebla, Morelos and of course in the Riviera Maya (Cancún, Tulum, Akumal, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Progreso, Mayakoba )

We do not market an all-inclusive package because our system is different. We help you to create the event you have in mind, always offering you the best options of vendors for all the required services. We have a reliable and trusted pool of vendors with extensive experience in putting on the perfect event. 

This way, your dream event, will be totally personalized, while staying within your chosen budget. In order to assure that your event is really successful, it is necessary to work exclusively with our established pool of vendors. Our trusted vendors have a wide range of prices and styles, while always providing quality service. If you prefer to use an outside vendor, we would have to verify that they meet our required quality standards.

We offer a full logistic and accompaniment service for our clients.

We charge an event planning fee that starts at $4,500.00 USD. Our final price depends on different factors, such as:

1. Duration of the project (number of months of work)
2. Venue of the event (city/travel expenses)
3. Number of guests
4. Progress of the event, such as how far along are you in the planning process
5. If it is a destination wedding, and if it requires bilingual services

Once we have the first interview with the couple, we will be able to set the final planning fee, which will depend on the detailed requirements of the event.

•Our service includes:

-Full organization of the event
-Personal scouting service. This is a service where we present to the couple different options of venues for their wedding. The couple selects which venues they want to visit, based on the desired concept, budget, and availability of the couple. We arrange an itinerary, with a driver and a senior coordinator accompanying the couple in a company car to the chosen venues. This way the couple can select the perfect venue for their event
-Support on the selection of appropriate vendors for the project
-Special prices /rates on special guest requirements
-Coordination of the set up and dismantling of the event
-Coordination of the bridal party
-Coordination of guest transportation
-Organization of rehearsal dinners
-Personal assistance for the bride, from the beginning of the wedding day until the last minute of the special day
-Set up of the overall timing of the event (minute by minute). Coordination of the first dance, toast, and other special moments for the couple
-Organization and coordination of the legal ceremony 
-Organization of cocktail party for the day before the event, or brunch for the day after the wedding day
-Organization of spiritual/religious ceremony
-RSVP Service (mailing, texting and direct calls to Mexico, U.S., Canada and Europe)
-Organization and coordination of a Mexican parade or callejoneada (only applies to weddings in  San Miguel de Allende)



Just as a reference, due to the fact that we work with the best vendors of the area, the starting budget per person is $200 USD (Weddings over 200 guests). In case that your party is smaller than 200 guests, the average per person increases.

This price includes: rent of the venue, tent, catering service, decoration, flowers, video, Dj, illumination, late night snack, wine, valet parking, invitations, power generator, and all the basic things you must have for a successful event. 

The cost per guest can vary, depending on the services you may want to add to the event (candy/dessert bar, live music group, photo booth, fireworks, coffee bar, mezcal&tequila bar, baby-sitters/nannies, transportation for your guests, cheese or cigar bar, special rental furniture or decorations, etc.