Tips to Make your Destination Wedding Perfect

A destination wedding is in itself a great idea. So, putting in more creative thoughts in this idealist theme can result in something not less than a fairy tale. Remember your guests are taking out time to accompany you to your wedding, use your personality and originality to make them feel special. Here are some tips to make the ceremony interesting if you are planning a wedding in San Miguel de Allende, the city that was awarded as the best travel destination in 2016 by Travel+ Leisure Magazine.

The wedding card

Let’s start with the wedding card first. Since a destination wedding is not only special but a unique one as well, the card should reflect the essence of it. Let’s give you an idea – try out a bamboo scroll that displays the local San Miguel de Allende art. A sketch perhaps, of the Parroquia or the cobbled stone lanes with a brief description on the destination. To add to the local essence you could even attach a twig of dry Jacaranda, a beautiful flower locally grown in San Miguel.

The wedding décor

To make your destination wedding perfect, a well decorated wedding altar is a must. Stick to the theme of the destination and put flowers or foliage that are typically found in San Miguel. As centerpieces you can have trunks/logs with native succulents, wild flowers and orchids. You could also consider using photo ribbons that are getting popular these days. Just hang loads of photo ribbons with backdrops of San Miguel.

The wedding menu

Locally sourced cuisine can be a great idea as it not only saves on the cost but also introduces guests to the local flavor of the place. Signature Mexican cocktails like the delicious and refreshing aguas made of fruits, piña colada, jamaica (hibiscus) and horchata (rice water with cinnamon) are a great way of welcoming guests. Planning a San Miguel de Allende destination wedding should follow a traditional Mexican menu. Carnitas (pork loin meat) with guacamole, fresh tortillas rolled and grilled on the spot are great choices. The dessert can include the Tres Leches cake.

To end it all, a proper wedding plan would definitely be required to make a destination wedding perfect. For this, you could contact an expert wedding planner. Lucero Alvarez, is a renowned name in the wedding arena. She and her team specialize in planning exceptional destination weddings for couples who want to add the extra zing to their big day.